Friday, April 07, 2006

We had the Child Presentation today! A few things surprised us, most we had assumed would be an issue. All 6 have speech delays and 5 are considered severe, 4 have borderline intellectual functioning, 2 have RAD and Adjustment Disorder, and one has ODD. I am scared. I am convinced it is nearly impossible and still is what I have always dreamed. I know there will moments of doubt, that I will regret this decision briefly many times. I also know my top 100 moments are yet to come. I have no doubt I will love these children, my only fear is will they ever love me?

I have some idea of what I am about to get myself into, but what if I am wrong? How will my dauhgter be affected? Will she be grateful for someone to grow up beside or will she be injured by the dangerous child next to her?

My DH said the sweeted thing to our worker this morning. He said her knows he has not met these kids but he already misses them. He announced he was ready to move forward without a moments hesitation. I sure hope he is ready for this huge change. We have talked in length today and I feel he has thought it through NOW (at least I think so).

More about the kids behavior and personality. The eldest,10, is parentified and very kind. She enjoys joking around and reading to her sisters. I worry the most about the 8 year old, she has some serious issues but is not harmful to others. She hates school and can be aggressive when angry. The 7yr old is a swet child that is starting to copy her older sisters behaviors. The 5 yr old boy is a handful at school and very small for his age. One of the 4 yrold twins has Cerebral Palsy and is the least delayed in speech, the other is very talkative but difficult to understand.

We have decided to hire a nanny of sorts to help me spend individual time with the children and to be an extra set of eyes when DH is working. A maid serice will come in once a week so I won't be crazy about the house.

DH has reluctantly agrees to put the wide screen away until the children can handle not destroying things. He was very upset but agrees would be more upset if they broke it in a tantrum.

We have been discussing adding another room on the ground floor and move our room down there and the destructive child into her own room. We just can't do it right away, we just finished the upstairs.

I have so many things on my mind right now but I will have to put them in writing later. Tomorrow I have a meeting with many of the evacuees I helped last fall. I love it when we get together. I am cooking lunch for about 30 people and must get to it.

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Linda said...

As a mother hoping to adopt a sibling group from the foster care system (not as large as yours though, lol), I look forward to hearing more about your journey!

I will be checking in every day for an update!