Friday, April 28, 2006

This woman is either so busy she needs to hand off some of her caseload or she is completely unorganized and incompetent. At the Staffing we discussed and made a tentative calender for the transition. She was supposed to tell the foster parents she has a forever home for the kids the next day and a week later she had not talked to them yet. As of today at 5PM she still has not let us know if the schedule was a go or not. It is so frustrating.

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Linda said...

My best friend who has adopted 5 children from the foster care system over the years says that she'd keep doing it except for one thing ... the workers, she says that she spends way too much time waiting for workers to call (her workers have always had a horrible track record for returning calls), visit (her workers are always late), or just plain do their jobs (several of her adoptions have been delayed because someone forgot to sign in the right spot or simply failed to put a stamp on something and mail it).

I know that workers often carry HUGE caseloads, but sometimes it's just baffling how they don't take 2 minutes to pick up the phone to address the simplest of issues.

Hope she gets back to you soon!