Friday, May 25, 2012

It's the last day of school here. Emma is graduating from the 5th grade. I will be joined at her graduation by the twins, Cyr, Kiki, Ruthie, my MIL, her other Mom, her other Nana, Poppy, and 2 of her other sisters. I say other to clarify to you. In our lives we rarely say bio, birth, first, other, or any of the numerous words to describe our extended family. They belong to all of us. We love them all through the good and bad. Emma was up about an hour early this morning. She couldn't sleep. Her anxiety was getting the best of her. She decided to shower and start her day. When she got out, I got up and painted her hands and feet with a new pretty pink. I fixed her hair and added a tiny bit of makeup to her face. She was so beautiful. I can still see the chubby little toddler in her almost grown up face. I love this child so much it makes my chest ache. I'm a little pissed she insists on growing up though. I'd like nothing less than to smush her into my lap forever. My little baby. My only one. Everyone else was walking and most were talking. Watching them grow up is so rewarding and sad at the same time. If 5th grade graduation is this hard, how the hell are going to give them away when they get married?????

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