Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My kids had a visit with their parents yesterday, all was fine until we tried to leave. My daughter kept telling me her tummy hurt and b/c she refuses to use the restroom anywhere but home I assumed that was the issue. I was wrong! She ended up vomitting in the dining room at Burger King. When we were in the van and gt goinh she had been told to puke in the BK bag her sister had. Well, she started to get sick and assumed my 8 yr old could read her mind and leaned over and puked on P's lap. Then P started getting sick and I had 7 children gagging in unison. It was so gross, it was all over the van and the floor and the children. I don't think the van will ever be the same.

I have had a hard time sleeping this week b/c my husband left town for the week on Monday. As soon as I fell asleep my oldest woke me up to tell me her nose was bleeding. This happened 3 more times and again today on our way to the therapist's office. I teased her that she really just did not want to go to therapy. Her eyes widened and she asked if this meant she didn't have to go in. LOL She was sooooo disappointed.

After therapy I took them to McDonalds to play and they were great. I am so tempted to try the movies tomorrow. The Wild is playing and they really want to see it. We are getting better in public and I don't want to waste the littel bit of summer we have. I don't mind having to stop and come home if needed and I always have other treats for the good ones. Maybe I am crazy or maybe I am wrong and should keep them home. I guess I am selfish, I want to see the movie and I am tired of staying in the house.


Maerlowe said...

Oh lord, I think I might drive the van off the road if I had 7 gagging, puking children in it. I'm so impressed that you made it through in one piece.

Try for the movie. You'll never know how good/bad it can be till you're there.

Tudu said...

It was hard b/c I am the gagging vomit queen. My DH thinks it's a game to see if he can et me too barf with gross talk. It usually works. I know I am their Mom now b/c I managed to get home and clean up w/o making my own mess!

Maerlowe said...

I am a total sympathetic barfer, too. I have even been triggered by a kitty hairball and Fear Factor. Hope my stomach gets lined with steel, too.

musemoon said...

OH MY GOODNESS...I just read the barf story. I know it must have been just awful for you and I would probably have barfed with them.....but um that's just about the funniest story I've ever heard. I'm in tears. I'm sorry I know it must have been awful, but it sure would be a funny scene in a movie. :-) Sadly it was your life :-)