Friday, September 08, 2006

Kidney Stones suck!

Fun, fun, fun! I have a kidney stone that refuses to leave. They are not fun. At first I thought I was having another ectopic pregnancy rupture b/c the pain was so bad. It just would not stop, it was consuming. I hate pain medication and have been forced to take it to control the pain but it makes me dizzy and woozy, they are not a good combination for parenting a bunch of kids. Now I have flu like symptoms and a fever so infection has probably set in so off to the doctor again. My poor husband has learned what I do and has decided I am not allowed to die until after he does b/c he does not want to be left alone with the kids. LOL

On a worse note, my worker is coming today to discuss how to tell the kids they are stopping their family visits. We knew it was coming but I want to cry for them. This is going to be a tough time for all of us here for some time to come.

B is such a good girl but I have had my concerns lately and this week she stole $30 from somewhere at school. She was given a 3rd try at the truth and we got some crazy story about the bus. We have thought she was stealing money from here but can't prove anything. Several of the kids and my husband have had money missing over the last few months and we had figured it was her.

Stealing is awful, but this is something I have no problem addressing hundreds of times with a child. It is not me so I don't find it embarrassing as some parents do. My husband is annoyed by it but we can work through this. It does make me wonder what will be too much? The things I felt were too much for me before the kids are just not that big of a deal now. Peeing is not fun but he has to clean it up, so go for it, son. The fits are not fun but for some reason I do not take anything they say personally. Is that the key? I have no idea. I see others on the forums I read disrupting over what I consider normal adoption issues, things I expect my children to do. I do not want to say they are wrong b/c for them it is too much but how were they not prepared? I expected my life to be horrible so I was pleasantly surprised when they weren't. Once I started to love them there was no turning back, bring on the crap, I can handle it and I will love you anyway.

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Andrew said...

Sorry to hear about the pain and the stones. I hope you get some relief, because anyone who can have such patience for dealing with kid problems doesn't deserve that kind of pain.

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